The Ceremony

The Old Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park

The Pump House in Battersea Park was built in 1861 to feed the Victorian lake cascades from a well beneath the building.

The Pump House Gallery

The Pump House


Receiving rings        Kiss the Bride!        Signing the Register        The Bridal Party

The Details:

Kris entered the room on her father's arm to the sounds of Waltzing Matilda, played by Ros (friend from Kris' school) on the Oboe and Natasha (student from Kris' school) on the Clarinet.

Whilst the register was being signed, Ros played and Natasha sang the Carpenters' song, 'On Top of the World'.

As Rob and Kris left the room as husband and wife, Ros and Natasha played the West Ham theme song, 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles' -  the West Ham Boys standing above, joined in with their 'wonderful' singing voices!!


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